The story of Bohemian Goddess

Since I was a child, I'd always been dreaming about flying. There was something about the air element and how it called me. I longed for freedom, the sense of weightlessness and I hoped I'd be a bird. Air element felt familiar, as if my soul had a memory of another lifetime and a remembrance of who I am, which is my true wild and free essence.

Through life, I’ve always been noticing stones and feathers, picking them up and bringing them home as my treasures. It was not until about 4 years ago, when I for the first time realized that feathers have actually a deeper message for me. I realized that these messages were from above and my past, from lives that I’ve lived as a Native Indian. I even tattooed a feather on my foot, as a symbol of the feathers and my spirit guides, that are guiding me on my path.⠀

I had been traveling back and forth to Bali, one of the places I've been calling home for the past 1,5 years. This one image of feathers in my hair started appearing in my mind. Year 2019 in April when I was back in Bali, I suddenly received and downloaded this idea, that I should make jewelry out of feathers and crystals. ⠀

I had never ever done anything like this before! I mean, yes I’ve played with plastic pearls and threads making necklaces and bracelets as a kid, but nothing else. I was not surprised though, because Bali is like this, always guiding us into our highest form and potential.

This message was clear as the sky saying: "make feather jewelry, with a message, with a deeper spiritual purpose, to heal and help other souls remember too". I didn't question it at all. I simply surrendered.

So I started planning, asking around, and it happened that I already had all the right friends, contacts and resources aligned on my path to help me fulfill this vision.⠀

It took me 6 months to plan and connect the dots and because the message was this clear, I didn’t have a doubt about doing it, even though I never did anything similar before. Next time, same year in Bali in October 2019, I launched my first collection of 4 ear pieces and 2 hair pieces.⠀

It was a magical process. This is a great example of what can happen, when you're completely aligned with Source and connected within. There is only flow. No resistance. Or if there is some minor resistance, it's just fine-tuning your path. In my case, I felt so divinely guided and supported at all times. My path was clear!⠀
This is the story of how Bohemian Goddess and my jewelry manifested in physical form. It's a story of deep inner guidance, divine remembrance, freedom essence and alignment with Source for a higher purpose.

Now, after seeing countless Sisters, true Queens and Goddesses wearing my creations and art, I look in awe and understand why I was supposed to create this brand! Women seem to grow an inch and they look like they've just replaced their missing crown. To me it looks like a homecoming - remembrance, as I call it and several Sisters have confirmed this too!

Check the feedbacks! When you feel a calling, you know, it's yours.

Sending bliss and endless blessings from Bali.

With love, Sara